Voice Workshops

The "Voice in Expressive Arts" workshops are generally 3 - 6 hrs long, but can be structured to be shorter or longer depending on the group. The work focuses on deepening personal awareness, expression and connection while developing vocal expression in relation to emotion, imagination and the body. The process integrates breath work, movement and physicalization, play, characterization and the development of some of the essential qualities of vocal sound and energy. In longer workshop formats, we can develop collaborative improvisations, soundscapes and musical expression. The workshops are fun, creative, community building, cathartic and empowering as we share our strengths and vulnerabilities and challenge ourselves to learn and grow. 

Voice and EXA workshops have been developed for groups ranging from artists, performers and therapists, to colleges, community health service organizations, corporate training clients and professional development participants.

Check back here for details regarding upcoming workshops or contact me at anthonybergamin@gmail.com

Some Past Workshops: