Expressive Arts Therapy and Voice

Expressive Arts Therapy (EXAT) integrates the use of inter-modal arts exploration, the imagination and creative expression as catalysts for personal inquiry, discovery and growth. In EXAT, the individual is encouraged to explore life issues, thoughts and feelings through an arts-based creative process, sensitively and empathically supported by the expressive arts therapist. The expressive arts therapy process integrates an inter-modal use of visual arts, creative writing, theatre arts, voice, music and movement depending on the client's artistic interests. No previous arts training or experience is needed. 
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Voice work in EXAT focuses on the exploration of the voice through breath work, guided imagery and gentle physicalization in developing a wider range of vocal expression as a therapeutic process. It differs from traditional voice lessons in that it explores the embodiment of a fuller range of aesthetic and emotional qualities in vocal sound while paying close attention to the depth of feelings, thoughts, spontaneous images, meanings and insights that emerge. The development of one's voice in this fuller way can become a relational, analogous exploration and development of oneself. No previous singing or arts experience is needed to engage in this work.