My research of the voice and the creative process has been ongoing for over 25 years. 
I studied at the University of Toronto (Voice, English, Psychoanalytic Thought) and the International School for Interdisciplinary Studies Canada (now called The CREATE Institute), as well as the Banff Centre for the Arts, the Royal Conservatory of Music and the Roy Hart Theatre in France. I've trained with many wonderful teachers in traditional bel canto (Jean MacPhail, Joel Katz, Elisabeth Pomes) and in 'extended voice' work (Richard Armstrong, Fides Krucker, Roy Hart Theatre) which has helped to informed the basis of my work as a singer, teacher and expressive arts therapist. I've also trained in Pochinko Clown with Sue Morrison and in various other acting, voice, movement and performance classes in Toronto and Montreal. I believe that the learning process never ends.

I've sung with Opera Ontario, the Canadian Opera Company and the New York City Opera choruses,  R. Murray Schafer's Patria projects , Thamyris New Music Ensemble and have also performed in various oratorios, musicals, cabarets and solo performance art works.

I am a board member of OEATA (the Ontario Expressive Arts Therapy Association and also a member of CAPT (the Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy)  and a member of the professional performers' unions CAEA and ACTRA.

Based in Toronto, I offer individual expressive arts therapy and group Voice in EXA workshops. Please see the Voice Workshops page for more about any upcoming voice workshops or you may contact me at anthonybergamin@gmail.com