Eight Songs for a Mad King (excerpts)
by Peter Maxwell Davies (and Roy Hart)

This 'avant-garde' 20th century chamber opera is an example of composition for the Roy Hart theatre 'extended vocal techniques' and was composed for/with Roy Hart in the late 1960's.

Anthony Bergamin, vocalist. Thamyris Ensemble.

Singing "Quietness" at the Gladstone Hotel in the

This was the first excerpt from a full length work that I am slowly developing.

Singing the baritone role of "Nardo" in this early Mozart opera,
La Finta Giardiniera at the Royal Conservatory of Music , July 2009.

Anthony Bergamin as Nardo in La Finta Giardiniera.
Excerpt: Anthony (Tony) Bergamin.

A snippet as Marsh Hawk in R. Murray Schafer's
"The Enchanted Forest", September 2005.
( I'm about 25ft up in a tree! )

Excerpt: Anthony (Tony) Bergamin

An excerpt singing the Sun Disk from R. Murray Schafer's, "The Princess of the Stars".
Set on a wilderness lake in Haliburton forest at 5:30AM.

A YouTube video from a puppet workshop by A Roda in Salvador, Brazil.
I am offering the vocals in this improvisation with a wonderful actor and puppet animator.